Project 2 Heal is a non-profit serving those in need of service animals by breeding and training puppies with an industry-leading success rate.

We cut the cost of getting a service dog into the hands of a veteran by thousands of dollars.

Since its beginning in 2005, Project2Heal has operated with a single goal – to breed, nurture, imprint, train, and donate Labrador Retriever puppies specifically bred to be working service dogs. What you may not know is that not just any dog, even when trained as a puppy, has the right temperament and discerning intelligence to become a service dog. It’s common for less than one out of two pups to pass the service dog training. Project2Heal consistently achieves a success rate above industry standard on their puppies. It’s not that we’re lucky. It’s the exceptional breeding and early development which also helps decrease the cost to recipient organizations.

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