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"We are literally saving the industry thousands of dollars from
the process of getting a service dog into the hands of a veteran."


Project2Heal's mission is to breed, nurture and train Labrador Retrievers to provide healing for those with physical and emotional challenges.


Get Involved

There are many exciting ways to get involved in Project2Heal's mission and vision. We need your support and volunteer time to continue having the impact we are having on the lives of veterans and special needs children.

What We Do

Project2Heal's mission is to breed, nurture and train Labrador Retrievers to provide healing for those with physical and emotional challenges. 

Our vision includes creating a facility on more than 50 acres that will draw people from around the country. The facility will be much more than a venue where service dogs and skilled companion dogs will be bred and trained.

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Our Story

Charlie Petrizzo was working a successful corporate job when he felt the need to do something more. Despite his success, Charlie felt discontented with life in the financial world. His experiences had given him a perspective on money and materialism that didn't fit his life's calling. When Charlie was a boy he almost died – twice. With the help of the family's Labrador Retriever Charlie was able to heal...

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We're not a service organization, but we have a list of excellent ones you can learn about.

Why Service Dogs?

It's a bittersweet sight - a service dog assisting an injured veteran. Your heart is warm knowing the individual is able to function better with their service dog, but your heart is equally sad that life has dealt them a reason to need one. What you may not realize is just how much that service dog is assisting that veteran, how difficult was it for them to function before they received their service dog, how much their life is improved because of their service dog this veteran. Since its beginning in 2005, Project2Heal has operated with a single goal - to breed, nurture, imprint, train, and donate Labrador Retriever puppies specifically bred to be working service dogs. What you may not know is that not just any dog, even when trained as a puppy, has the right temperament and discerning intelligence to become a service dog. It's common for less than one out of two pups to pass the service dog training. Project2Heal consistently achieves a success rate above industry standard on their puppies. It's not that we're lucky. It's the exceptional breeding and early development which also helps decrease the cost to recipient organizations.

Watch the video to learn more about the importance of service dogs in the lives of veterans, and how you can be a part of our ongoing mission.

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