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Your Project to Heal

Start your own fundraiser to raise money to help heal those in need, one puppy at a time.

Be creative, have fun and know that your fundraising project will assist Project2Heal in their mission to breed, nurture and train Labrador Retriever Puppies to heal children and Veterans with physical or emotional challenges. 

Have fun. Dream big. Start today!

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Have a bake sale - or better yet a doggie bake sale!
  • Celebrate your Birthday with donations.
  • Summer lemonade stand.
  • Pennies for puppies.
  • Host a casual work day - invite the Project2Heal puppies to visit.
  • Host a special workout day at your gym or studio.
  • Have a back yard carnival.

Sky's the limit - get creative and have fun!


Start Your Project to Heal

It begins with an idea. Big or small, create something as unique as you are. Include your family and friends.


Raise Money

Let us know about it. We may want to attend with a puppy or two.



Your donations will help Project2Heal in their mission to breed, nurture and train Labrador Retriever puppies to heal those with physical and emotional challenges.

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